1987 Release

You will find below details about the original 1987 vinyl and CD records saved from destruction.


German version (Cat: 925 677-1)


Of the 500,000 german copies known to have been pressed, around 50 records are likely to have escaped destruction. It is the most well known among collectors, but still hard and expensive to find.

After cancellation, rumours surfaced that a box of 50 copies made his way out of the Alsdorf record plant. The content of the box, or part of it surfaced in Belgium around mid 1988. Copies were offered to selected fans for FL 150 / 3.000 BF / $75 (cross rates of 1988).

Back then it wasn't clear that the album would remain in the vault. Rumours of its imminent release where still circulating. The doubt/possibility of the record being a bootleg did hold some back.


The sleeve is plain black and barely holds any information. The backside shows a sticker on the right-hand top corner with the necessary catalog numbers, copyrights and info on the pressing plant.

At the bottom (straight below the sticker) an indented Warner Bros. "W" can be found.

The side of the sleeve shows in orange lettering: UK: WX 147 925 677.

The label on the record doesn't hold any information on the artist except the titles, copyright, catalog number (all in orange) and an orange triangle with "33" of the RPM in white.

There are serial numbers in the dead wax :

  • Side A: R/S Alsdorf 925677-1-A2
  • Side B: R/S Alsdorf 925677-1-B

Other etchings can also be seen in the dead wax.

Check the FAKES section to spot the differences between a genuine copy and a bootleg.

US version (Cat: 25677-1)


In former years the consensus was that less than 6 US vinyls survived.

However according to Alan Leeds, who was Prince's former tour/production/paisley park manager, more than six copies exist, but are not out on the collector's market. He claims that Prince had at least hundred and gave away most of them to band members, friends and other artists like Madonna, Miles Davis, Sheena Easton, Sheila E. and Kim Basinger. Many of Paisley Park staff were also given one.

Leeds also states that he thinks some Warner Bros. employees also managed to get a copy, although Warner Bros did go on a lockdown the day the album release was cancelled. An executive was given the task to gather whatever advance copies were floating around their offices.

According to a post in a forum from "philly1247", who worked at a WEA's distribution facility, several original US non-promo copies survived. He claims that several co-workers took away some copies when they heard that the release was cancelled.


Serial numbers in the dead wax :

  • Side A: Information needed
  • Side B: Information needed

US DJ version (Cat: 25677 DJ)


For promotional club and DJ use, Paisley Park / Warner Bros intended to issue the album as two 12" EP discs with two songs on each side, playable on 45 RPM.

Pictures shown on this site come from the copy that has the first four songs.


The plain white labels are from Allied Record Co. in L.A., who pressed for Warner Brothers. The hand written label stickers are dated 11/13/87 and read:

  • Side A: 1-25677 - A DJ - SH1
  • Side B: 1-25677 - B SH1

The record is housed in a plain black sleeve US version (Cat: 25677-1). However the inscription in dead wax is different:

  • Side A: B-29657
  • Side B: B-29658


US CD long box (Cat: 25677-2)


More information needed


The CD label is all black with orange lettering. The titles are displayed top (tracks 1 to 4) and bottom (tracks 5 to 8) of the CD label. Under the tracks can be seen the 25677-2 reference, underneath another set of reference reads:

  • DIDX 2770

A block of copyright mentions is located on the left part of the label; the "Compact Disc" logo is printed on the right part of the label, with the mention "made In USA".

The CD comes with a black cardboard long box with a sticker on the front reading "Explicit Lyrics parental Advisory". In the back, another sticker bears the same copyright mentions than on the label, plus a barcode reading:

  • 0 7599- 25677-2 5

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