We would like to express our gratitude to all the people who helped us to keep this website online, provided us with information and/or pictures for site. It is impossible to name you all, you know who who are.


Here are the main contributors to the site:

  • DualBoot: is the founder of theblackalbum.info. He provided a lot of personal memories, interviewed people around and wrote most of the content of this site. Still a key contributor to the site.
  • Yormeister: worked on DualBoot's initial idea to track the Black Album 1994 Grey Marbled and White owner and make it a database, before the idea evolved into this very site.
  • BLR: is the website current administrator, webdesigner, social manager and main contributor.
  • Reverend: is our logo/icons designer.


This is a non exhaustive list as we scan the web constantly for information and pictures:


The following books helped us writting the Black Album history:

  • The Vault: The Definitive Guide to the musical World of Prince(2004) by Per Nilsen & JooZt Mattheij with the UPTOWN Staff ISDN 91-631-5482-X
  • Prince, A Documentary (1990) by Per Nilsen ISDN 0-7119-1816-3
  • Prince, A Documentary (1993) by Per Nilsen ISDN 0-7119-3179-8
  • Prince, De Biografie (1988) by Alfred Bos & Tom Engelshoven ISDN 90-6213-825-X


Fakes / Bootlegs

The "Fakes" section and its gallery are meant for information purposes only. Their primary function is to warn people about the multiples fake records around that might be advertized on the web or in fairs as the real Black Album. We do not support bootlegers. This website is not intended as a shoppingmall for bootlegs. See our disclaimer for more on the subject.

Help Needed!


Feel free to contact us with additional information / views on the reasons behind the Black Album cancellation, or corrections that should be done in our history page.

Black album images

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