1994 Release

According to a dutch warner representative interviewed by our team in March 1995, only 300 copies of the white vinyl where pressed. They were meant as give-away for business relations of Warner Brother Records.

Each disc is separately numbered from #001 to #300 under the form of a gold-stamp on a white label. The label also contains a WB logo and a tracklisting in orange print.

The record is housed in a plain white sleeve. However, there is a range of numbers that come out with a black sleeve (likely from #068 #106, see gallery). The side only contains the Warner Brothers address and record catalogue number 1-45793 (also in orange).

It is possible that more than 300 records exist as we noticed that extra copies of the grey marbled vinyl surfaced; they are reputed dropouts from quality control that were not shipped but nevetheless appeared in public.

In 2010, the first confirmed repeated number of a white vinyl popped up (#066), it is marked in red on the list.

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